Who Is This Denver Marketing Guy?

Who Is This Guy Showing Smart Small Business Owners The Easy, Fast, Simple, Secret and Lucrative Way To More Customers? If you didn’t know that Lynndell Epp could help you grow your business through smarter marketing strategies, then you’ve been missing out. Over the...

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Direct Mail Companies: New Self Mailer Rules May Cost You

The USPS is rolling out new regs concerning folded self mailers this month. And per standard federal government, the rules can get pretty convoluted.  Don't get stuck with a design that is out of compliance with the new rules, you could risk paying twice the postage. ...

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Learn 20 Steps to Your Marketing Success in 2013

It's time for you to take your marketing to the next level. It's time to stop doing "ad hoc" marketing activities that miss more than hit. If you're like most business people who struggle to get effective marketing in place and working consistently month after month,...

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Bright Ideas in Marketing

Ready, Get Set.............Market. Put together your 20 Step Sales Funnel and watch your business explode! If you think this is too ambitious or difficult for you to tackle on your own, then you need to employ some professional help. Mail Masters can help you develop...

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The most important words in Marketing are “Thank You”

Everyone gets busy and distracted during the holiday rush. Don't be one of those small businesses who forgets to be grateful for their most important asset: their customers. The opposite of thanking your customers is being rude and ignoring your most valuable business...

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Get the Marketing Help You Need!

Marketing Your Business Just Got Easier. The problem: 1. You have no marketing plan for your business. 2. If there is, the chance that it's getting implemented your vision is slim. 3. Most owners have a vision, some of you have a plan, even fewer have the ability or...

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