Dear Millennials peeking at Snapchat and humming along to the Black Keys:

Direct mail might seem like a dusty playground for Tyrannosaurus Rex, but it still has relevance. Yes, direct mail works—especially if you keep the 40/40/20 rule in mind. Forty percent of your direct mail success will come from honing an exquisite mailing list. Forty percent will depend on the strength of the direct mail offer you send your target audience. The remaining 20 percent will stem from design, copy and the images you use in your print matter. This means spending hours on an eye-popping delivery system isn’t the best use of your effort. Know who you want to target; offer them a deal they can’t refuse and keep it simple. Then, test your message on a small portion of your mailing list. If you’re successful, you can broaden your reach and reap the rewards. P.S., please don’t forget to proofread, state your call to action very clearly, drive your customers to your website and follow up when they contact you! That should keep your business from going the direction of T-Rex and his lumbering pals. Read on to learn more.

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