Building Customer Loyalty With Birthday Direct Mail

How much fun is it to receive a birthday card in the mail? Isn’t it nice when a business acknowledges you on your birthday? Do you enjoy receiving a gift to feel special on your big day? So does your customer! Sending a direct mail campaign to your customers on their...

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9 Reasons Why Holiday Cards Work

Greeting cards can be an important component to any great marketing retention program. The power behind this type of direct mail comes from it's intention. Greeting cards are usually sent in to let someone know you are thinking about them during a special time, such...

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Power of a Mailed Newsletter

The Secret Weapon of Business Owners to Increase Revenue is the Newsletter…. but ONLY When You Do It Correctly. Regular, consistent communication with your past customers who already love you is critical to increasing your sales. Sales don’t just come from them coming...

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Stand Out Among Holiday Mail With These Tips

The USPS has some suggestions for making your direct mail transform into high interest marketing pieces. 15 billion of pieces of mail were sent in the 2017 holiday season, and if you want to capture your prospect’s eye, these suggestions offer state-of-the-art ways to...

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Four Hooks for Mover Direct Mail

Forty million Americans move every year. You can capture this eager, service-hungry audience with one or more of these four “hooks.” 1. Offer your potential clients an appropriate discount. New movers need cleaning supplies, fix-it services, a new automotive...

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How and when you should actually use direct mail?

William Shakespeare wrote, “Ripeness is all” in the fifth act of King Lear. Truly there is a “right” time to do most things. Direct mail is no different. Send your direct mail piece to the wrong demographic at the wrong time of year and you might spend good money and...

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