With the rise of the internet, the print industry declined. Phone books vanished, landing pages replaced flyers and direct mail slowed down. But it made a surprising comeback! As email boxes get filled with promotional junk, more consumers value a personalized, informative piece of mail from a reputable source.  

Direct mail marketing is a great opportunity to act upon now. While other businesses underestimate its power, you can get far ahead by combining web technologies with traditional marketing strategies. Here’s how to do it:  

  1. Develop a mailing list. Define your goals and align your mailing list with them. Do you want to run a campaign that will generate new leads, or do you need to nurture more sales and/or referrals from current customers? Take time to study your demographics and consider all the prospects. Having a targeted list will result in organic growth and better return-on-investment. 
  2. Design mail pieces. Once you have a specific demographic and purpose in mind, begin crafting your message. The presentation is as important as the content itself. Best practices include being concise, using a readable font and incorporating an attention-grabbing component (feel free to experiment with shapes, sizes, colors, textures, etc.). Unique design and personalization will surely impress any mail recipient.
  3. Track the campaign. Use predictability of direct mail to your advantage. Be strategic in when and where it’s being sent and how you are going to track the results. Collected data is more accurate than what virtual alternatives can offer, so analyzing it thoroughly ensures future success. 
  4. Test engagement and response rates. After the initial analysis, look into what’s working and what needs improvement to enhance your customers’ experience. Consider common patterns, actions taken and make adjustments as needed. With programs like ResponseBuilder it’s really easy to do.
  5. Continue managing existing campaigns. As you get to know your customer base, keep updating the message to fit their changing needs. Remarketing is an effective tactic for utilizing resources already in place and growing your business on the budget.  

Do you want to start using direct mail in new ways? Plumb Marketing team can help you craft a personalized marketing campaign that will drive results. As a leader in direct mail, we manage the process at every stage to ensure your message gets across. For more information about our services CLICK HERE.

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