William Shakespeare wrote, “Ripeness is all” in the fifth act of King Lear. Truly there is a “right” time to do most things. Direct mail is no different. Send your direct mail piece to the wrong demographic at the wrong time of year and you might spend good money and gain no return. How can you ensure success? Get to know your target customers’ likes and habits and tailor your direct mail message for them. Without research, who would know that 42 percent of 25 to 34-year-old consumers actually read their snail mail immediately and 92 percent of them are regularly inspired by direct mail to make purchases!

A few of the most powerful times to send direct mail: Holidays, birthdays, when you have something unique to say and when you have ample time to follow up on leads. For the first two, most people are generally more receptive to offers and spend more money when they are in a celebratory mood. Sending direct mail only when you have a strong message or important information to convey can build trust with your potential customers. Finally, 48 percent of sales people don’t follow up on carefully-harvested leads! That’s a lot of business that is simply left to rot on the vine. Read the entire article.

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