If you are currently a small business owner or aspiring to be one, you’ve probably come across lots of articles outlining why business startups fail. If you look closely, one common reason for this sad reality is unsatisfactory or wrong marketing strategies.

In fact, Forbes’ number one reason for business failures is the company’s inability to really get in touch with their customers through deep dialogue. What does that spell for your marketing tactics? You need to connect more deeply with your target customers. You may already have online services handling that for you with emails and newsletters, but in order to improve your chances of success, you need a more direct approach. This is especially true if you operate in an industry presently choked with big competitors. It may be time to reconsider the direct mail.

Contrary to popular perception, direct mail is not dead. People may spend more time on their mobile devices today, but it doesn’t mean they won’t put down their phones sometime and pick up a mail postcard. If you think otherwise, maybe it would interest you to know that even an online giant like Google still uses it, specifically for their Google Ads promotions.

So how exactly can direct mail services benefit your business? How about standing out from the crowd? When a customer grabs your mail and opens it, a physical connection is established between them and your brand. Unlike email marketing which can easily be relegated to the spam folder or deleted with a click, a direct mail must be handled physically even if they intend to discard it.

Also, you can understand a lot more about your customers by sending out direct mails. With information about their mailing addresses, you can determine possible interests, income levels, etc. This makes your marketing a highly targeted campaign.

The best part about it? Direct mail is relatively fast. Back in the days when designs took almost forever to be finished due to limited software, advertising could experience delays. Now, with Photoshop and color laser printers, you can simply crop up eye-catching designs for your direct mail postcards, and print them in no time.

It is noteworthy, though, that while it may sound a bit easy and straightforward, direct marketing tasks is best left to the professionals. If your business is in Denver, look for companies that specialize in direct mail activities like Plumb Marketing to handle your campaigns. It’s one less thing to worry about.

In a world where everyone is obsessed about the new, perhaps your business just might benefit from a little old school coupled with hard work.


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