Direct mail has been an effective marketing medium for a very long time, and continues to be so even in this digital era. In fact, according to the Direct Mail Association Factbook, direct mail prompted a purchase in 65% of consumers in 2013. However, in spite of its proven results, many small business owners hesitate to employ direct mail marketing mainly because of its perceived high initial cost. What these business owners should know is that the     cost can be very manageable with the help of seasoned direct mail services providers. Here are some tips on how you can trim down direct mail costs:

Filter Your Mailing List

Include only those prospects who have the greatest chances of conversion. You can save time, effort and money by focusing only on the right customers. To do this, create a profile for each market based on common attributes and demographics, and determine which group is more likely to respond to your direct mail. Printing mail in smaller quantity reduces your overall expense, with a higher ROI potential compared to when you don’t refine your mailing list.

Personalize Your Mail

Many studies have shown that response rate is increased by addressing your prospect’s needs, desires, pain points, and fears. Thus, customizing your mail content can boost orders and encourage repeat purchases. You don’t have to worry about cost since graphic design and bulk printing are highly automatized nowadays, taking only a few hours to produce, which means the printed materials can reach your market much faster than before.

Make Your Offer Hard to Refuse

Your call to action can’t be generic because you’re not addressing the general public. Make it urgent and more engaging not only through sales and discounts but also through such catchy activities as contests, promotions, and incentives for, say, participating in an online survey. Do not use a ‘requesting’ tone; instead make it sound like you’re offering the customer a great, one time deal.

Above all these, it is very important for you to determine the purpose of your communication efforts in relation to your business goals and objectives. You should also track results properly to see which materials work, which don’t, and what you need to do to enhance any positive outcomes, or improve the less successful ones. If the direct mail program is keeping your attention away from other equally important aspects of managing your business, consider working with companies offering direct mail and direct mail fulfillment services, such as Plumb Marketing.

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