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In The Spotlight - Introducing Miranda Brazil | Account Manager Extraordinaire!

Lynndell Epp - Tuesday, February 19, 2013
We are glad to announce we have a new employee at Mail Masters of Colorado. We are excited to welcome our new Account Manager, Miranda Brazil to our team. Let’s take a minute to get to know more about Miranda and what she will be doing for all of our customers. 

Interviewer: Hello Miranda, We are glad to have you on board. Mail Masters has a lot of great plans, improvements and goals for 2013. Miranda, briefly tell us a little more about your job description, what it entails, and what you will be handling here at Mail Masters? 

Miranda: My job title is Account Manager. I will handle all of our wonderful customers’ projects. This includes mail piece analysis, list acquisitions, print management, project scheduling, estimating, invoicing and other account management activities. I will be interfacing with our production staff to ensure customer projects are accurately completed and meet deadlines and specifications. I will also keep in contact with our customers on a regular basis to ensure that Mail Masters is providing everything necessary to benefit their direct marketing efforts. It sounds like a ton, but I’m excited to help everyone. In fact, I have a saying that I would like to share with all of you. I want to be known as the “easy part of someone’s day”. So basically, I’m here to help you and make your life easier….kind of like an “Easy Button”. 

Interviewer: Well I am sure we would all appreciate having an Easy Button to push! So Miranda, can you tell us a little more about your background in the industry? 

Miranda: I have been in this industry for about 15 years, so I have some very extensive experience which includes everything from pre-press to customer service management, project and account management. 

Interviewer: Great! I’m sure all of our customers will be glad to know their direct mail projects are in good hands with you. Since your job specifically requires you to work directly with customers, tell us what your ideal dream customer would be like? 

Miranda: I like to develop long lasting relationships with customers so that they are able to look at me as an extension of their company. My dream customer would share their knowledge with me about their industry so that I can better help them with things that Mail Masters does best. Also, customers who are open to trying new things are great too. So are the ones who want to take me out to lunch! 

Interviewer: I agree! I hear the Chop House is great! So Miranda, what are some of your interests outside of the workplace? 

Miranda: I am a very creative person so I’m really into crafts and mixed media arts. I also enjoy traveling. I have 3 dogs that I adore, but more than anything, I love to spend time with family and close friends. 

Interviewer: Fantastic! Well last but not least Miranda, tell us what are your goals are and what you plan to accomplish in 2013 and beyond? 

Miranda: My goals consist of learning the ins and outs of Mail Masters’ customer base and the specifics regarding different mailing requirements set forth from the USPS. I would like to use my experience from my past positions and apply them in a way that will positively affect the outcome of projects. My ultimate goal is to provide the best service I can to our customers and employees, and to help grow Mail Masters into the leading provider for direct mail, digital printing, fulfillment and marketing services in Denver. 

Interviewer: That is great to hear. Thanks for your time Miranda. I know that all of us here at Mail Masters and all of our customers will be looking forward to working with you. 

We are glad to have Miranda on board and know that our customers are going to enjoy working with her. We all want to give her a warm welcome! If you haven’t already met Miranda, make it a point to give her a call to introduce yourself and congratulate her on her joining the Mail Masters Team!
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