Everyone gets busy and distracted during the holiday rush. Don’t be one of those small businesses who forgets to be grateful for their most important asset: their customers. The opposite of thanking your customers is being rude and ignoring your most valuable business customers.

When done correctly, good marketing and business relationships create that holy grail of business, the “multiplier effect”. Remember that old shampoo commercial on tv, probably the predecessor to social media, that boasted their happy customers “tell 2 friends, who tell 2 friends” and so on?

Make your holiday cards stand out and take them to the next level by rewarding your best customers. Include a free gift or service give away that you can afford that will incent your customers to reward you with their loyalty and also, “they’ll tell 2 friends…”.

Mail Masters’ affordable card packages allow you to the flexibility to have a custom design with enough left over to include something extra.

Call us today at 303-607-9424 to get started, orders are due by December 6!

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