As the new year approaches many people consider what changes they want to implement when the calendar turns. Businesses do this as well – evaluating what’s working, what isn’t, and what fresh changes they can implement for greater results, whatever those desired achievements are.

Marketing is one of the biggest areas business owners look for higher returns. Better sales and marketing efforts directly result revenue, so it makes sense that a fresh perspective or tactic would be time well spent investigating.

One of these strategies could include adding direct mail to your 2020 marketing plan, or freshening it up.

Why Direct Mail?

Affordable. Direct mail is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing, and new studies are showing the popularity is once again growing. While many business owners abandoned direct mail for online and digital platforms, e-mail marketing and online ads have created confusion, overwhelm, and suspicion. 

Direct mail, especially if personalized, is seen as reputable, especially among Millennials. Combined with digital tracking and retargeting, direct mail allows you to speak to your clients, or prospects in ways not possible before.

Predictable. When combining direct mail with technology such as Response Builder, tracking is possible. Equipped with this data, adjustments can be made to create predictable results, and consistent Return on Investment.

Lead Generation. There is a good reason that direct mail is popular among restaurants, retailers and service providers. It’s easy to track where customers are coming from, because they are redeeming the coupons and special offers only made through the campaign. Not only that, but they often share the experience with others, building loyalty and generating more leads.

Automated. Whether your client list, a purchased and targeted list, or a combination of both, your direct mail provider handles all the details. Choose your direct mail pieces and on a month to month basis, the mail will be sent. Use tracking codes for both on and offline activity and see what’s working, and make adjustments to get even better results.

Some Fresh Direct Mail Ideas

Use amazing personalization. Personalization gets mail noticed and opened. Digital technology has some fun and exciting new ways to customize mail including writing the customer’s name in a unique pattern (like icing on a birthday cake, for example).

Digital print on demand offers beautiful templates for you to just enter your info and go. It’s easy and convenient to choose a look and send it out quickly, and affordably.

Send a customer loyalty building birthday campaign. Invite customers back into business with you by sending a birthday card, and a special gift or offer.

Special occasion or holiday? Target the audience ready to make a buying decision – for example, gym discounts or smoking cessation products for the new year.

Service reminders are also a great option for direct mail. Let your customers know when it’s time to change their oil, schedule their dental check-up, or do a furnace tune-up. If you are in a service industry, use direct mail to stay relevant and top of mind and watch repeat sales climb.

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