With the new year comes our innate desire to make changes in our lives. For business owners who target these changes, this is a perfect time for a boost in advertising, and one of the most effective is direct mail. Attract more customers to your gym, health food store, or medical office by targeting new movers looking for the health you provide in the new year and beyond.

Benefits of Direct Mail

While many people have considered direct mail to be a bit of a dinosaur in the advertising world, it is resurging. Why? People have become numb to endless emails and banner ads, while direct mail, especially when personalized, shows up directly in their mail box in tangible form to be interacted with.

Direct mail that offers a deal, and a way to connect digitally, can provide reliable, consistent ROI (return on investment) to business owners. It is also one of the most affordable and effective forms of advertising available.

Why New Movers

Sending mail to everyone isn’t particularly effective. Technology allows us to gather data and create lists that are more specific and connected to demographics, which makes for a more powerful and targeted distribution of advertising than ever before.

By targeting new movers, you are capturing a market that is specifically looking to fill health needs in their new community. Build brand awareness and trust with a personalized direct mail piece that welcomes them to the neighborhood, and invites them to your location.  

Ideas for Campaigns

If you’ve resolved to add direct mail to your marketing mix for the new year, congratulations! To make it the most effective, choose a marketing company who understands how to add this piece to your existing advertising and work together to create a plan that builds on and feeds itself. For example, make direct mail pieces that connect to online platforms, such as including a special code or URL. Make sure discounts are tied to the mail pieces using tracking numbers or physical coupons to be turned in. Make sure the pieces will land in prospect hands at the perfect time – before a sale, in time for a birthday, or as special offers to increase traffic.

Tracking your return on investment will help you tweak it for even more consistency and impact through the year. New mover campaigns are a great way to reach a target looking for changes, and now is your time to capitalize on it and make 2020 your best year yet.

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