Marketers and business owners who communicate the same marketing message and image to every type of prospect are making a critical mistake. If you’re doing lead generation this way, you’re likely turning off many would-be clients.

The marketing message that appeals to a small business owner may be much different from what works for a twenty-something consumer. Yet, many companies have clients in both categories among many others. To address this broad range of people, clients often tell me that they develop a one-size-fits-all message that won’t exclude anyone.

But, this actually excludes many prospects who don’t feel their specific needs are being addressed. The solution is to make your marketing speak to each segment in a unique way.

To do this, first list out and build a detailed portrait of each prospect type. To make sure you’re including everyone, look at your existing client types (and add any that you want to start prospecting).

For each group, ask such questions as: What are their biggest frustrations, concerns, needs and interests? Where can you reach these people on blogs, social media, at home, in their car, at their desk, etc.? Include items like Age, Job Title, Industry, Personal Information, Gender and anything else that helps you identify prospects’ situations and buying preferences.

With this information, you can develop an “ideal client profile.” for each prospect type.

Ideal Clients

Just for fun, let’s make up a profile. Let’s say you have an insurance agency. When looking through your customer list, you find your best customers are fathers with a corporate job, three cars and kids about ready to go to college. You also find single males in their twenties who have a few speeding tickets and rent an apartment.

Apply a name and a face to these people so you can start crafting a meaningful message to them. You might name them “Dan the Dad” and “Twenty-Something Jared.”

Let me ask you some questions here:

  1. Would you send out the same marketing piece to these individuals and expect it to be equally effective for both?
  2. Would you water down your marketing to come across as relevant to both prospects?
  3. Do you think that different messages, images and offers would be more effective in gaining more leads from each group?

Hopefully, you see that these are rhetorical questions. Of course you would want to craft a message that speaks as directly as possible to each prospect!

Start developing your marketing message, offers, calls to action and tactical approaches to reach and convert your profiles. When you focus on your prospects and clients’ needs, wants and concerns, your message will resonate with greater force.

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