Plumb Marketing sent nearly 16,000,000 pieces of direct mail for their clients in 2018. Surprised? Then you may not know the power of personal connections in today’s digital age. New studies show that direct mail is popular once again. It gets better engagement than email marketing by triggering an emotional response.  

Emails are easy to discard without opening. Many of them are blocked by spam filters and don’t even make it to the inbox. Online banner ads are often used for retargeting, but consumers have learned to ignore those too. This is where direct mail excels. According to recent research, personalized physical mail creates a real experience, that’s why recipients are more likely to interact with it. 

Don’t miss out on the potential of direct mail – learn how it can be used for political campaigns. 

Why Direct Mail Is Good 

  • It’s automated. Direct mail requires planning, but the rest of the campaign runs seamlessly. Just imagine: while you are working hard on reaching the voters, your direct mail pieces are silently hitting their mailboxes, helping you share the message in a personalized and effective way.
  • It’s affordable. More and more businesses choose to spend money on direct mail over TV and radio ads. Why? Simply because the cost is cheaper.
  • It’s predictable. Measuring consumer response with direct mail is easy. You will know exactly how well your campaign is doing based on the tracking codes and other gathering tools in place.
  • It’s data driven. Any advertising that allows for personalization and targeting is more effective than a generic campaign. Direct mail has the capacity to reach diverse demographics and do it in a tangible way that keeps voters engaged.

Why Go Direct Mail

  • It’s a trusted source. Voters are often skeptical of online political campaigns, but if you try to reach out via direct mail, it can make all the difference. A professional, precise message is more likely to stick and spark action. 
  • It’s personal. No one wants to be referred to as another number. Especially voters. Direct mail is very flexible with how you can approach your audience and personalize their experience.
  • It’s versatile. Direct mail has the strongest engagement among millennials, who, unlike the generation before, find it useful. But since everyone is required to list their address when registering to vote, you can still keep the communication open even with the least enthusiastic groups.
  • It’s timely. Modern technology allows marketing teams to integrate direct mail with digital tracking for more accurate results and enhanced user experience. You can follow up with an online prospect by mail, or vice-versa, ask a mail recipient to scan a QR code guiding them to your political landing page. Now that’s commitment to deliver!   

Are you ready to create a one-of-a-kind, action-driven political campaign that will change the game? Plumb Marketing team works together with the politician and/or campaign managers to craft a personalized and data-focused marketing plan to reach your specific audience.

As a leader in political direct mail, we combine effective digital and print strategies to get your message across at the most critical times. Our process is automated, easy and stress-free. Find out for yourself, contact Plumb Marketing today!


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