How much fun is it to receive a birthday card in the mail? Isn’t it nice when a business acknowledges you on your birthday? Do you enjoy receiving a gift to feel special on your big day? So does your customer!

Sending a direct mail campaign to your customers on their birthday can be a fun way to build customer loyalty and increase sales. Affordable and with a predictable return-on-investment, a birthday direct mail campaign can be a win-win for both you and your clients or prospects. Letters, greeting cards or postcards can automatically be addressed and sent on your behalf every month, and is already a popular model for retailers, restaurants and personal service providers.

Here are some tips to make it extra special (and effective):

Personalize It

Studies have shown that personalized mail is more effective than general bulk mail, and there is no better time or way to personalize than by wishing a happy birthday! Graphics that have their name will really pop – such as writing their name in frosting on an image of a cake!

Make an Offer

Offer a free gift, discount, or other special birthday offer to celebrate the client/prospect and encourage them to do business with you. Make the gift unique – something they can’t get any other way, to encourage customers to sign up for a birthday list and stay active year-round.

Keep It Fun

While many people can get bombarded with ads, a birthday card allows you to cut through the “noise” and grow brand awareness with a soft approach. Track interest and return with corresponding online methods using Response Builder.

Invite Others

Birthday mailer programs are popular for restaurants, personal services, home and vehicle repair services, and retailers because they know that when they market to those having a birthday, that person will likely bring a friend (or more), and tell others about it. Make your offer shareable in a way that others will also want to participate (while also creating an upsell).

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