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Direct Mail Marketing Programs

Mail Masters has developed some marketing programs that are useful in many different industries. Most of these programs are designed to be mailed monthly. Mail Masters does all of the work for you so you don’t have to worry about designing, printing and mailing your projects. We help you craft a powerful offer or letter and we send out your mailing every month without you lifting a finger. We provide the data, printing, addressing and mailing each month. You never have to worry about what’s going to go into your next mailing. It’s done for you! 

Here are five rules for developing a hyper successful mailing campaign.                                                    

  1. Target the right demographic. The list you purchase is the most important part of any mailing. We have up to date, targeted data available.
  2. Always have a powerful offer and a call to action. Give the recipient a reason to come and see you in a short timeframe.
  3. Make it personal. Never use labels or permit imprints when sending to a prospect list. We use 1st class or pre-cancelled standard rate stamps and a unique invitation style mail piece that is sure to be opened.
  4. Mail more than once. Mail a minimum of three times to new prospects within 90 days. This builds credibility and urgency.
  5. Be consistent. If you want long term marketing success, you can’t mail just once. You need to have an ongoing strategy that is working for you at all times.

When it comes to our programs, Mail Masters executes these five rules flawlessly. We will always provide you with the most targeted data available. We help you find the right offer and call to action that will motivate people to purchase from you. We use a high powered invitation style mail piece that looks like it could be from a friend (so it’s very personal).  We mail each month automatically, so the consistency remains strong. If you include prospects in your newsletter campaign, you can be sure they will receive continual contact so they don’t forget about your company and the value you offer.   See our list of marketing products and a brief description of the advantages to your marketing plan.

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