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Mobile Marketing in Denver

The widespread adoption of mobile phones and devices present a wealth of new opportunities to reach your customers to deliver information and find out more about their needs. Mobile methods can be used to build an up-to-date contact database with valuable information on customer preferences. It’s a powerful new tool. You can create a buzz about a new product or event, encourage word-of-mouth advertising by making it simple to share, generate sales and engage your customers electronically to develop long-lasting relationships.

There are a variety of ways to meet your marketing goals. In addition to the need to make sure your website is compatible to work for mobile technology, there are a variety of new methods and technologies that are getting truly amazing results:

  • Opt-in Text Message Alerts, Updates and Offers
  • Text-in Contests - invitations to text to enter or Text2win
  • Mobile Coupon Offers with incentives to share with a friend
  • SMS Text Polling and Surveys that gather customer information.
  • QR Codes that link to specific website pages or offers using mobile apps.
  • Localized search options that help your business to be found by people nearby.

We’ll make it easy. To get the most out of this changing opportunity you need an experienced and tech savvy guide to help you understand how to take advantage of the great Mobile Marketing opportunity.

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SMS Text Marketing Overview 

Why use SMS text messaging methods?

First, text messages get directly to the intended recipient and 97% of text messages are read. Your customers are mobile and an increasing number are using their phones around the clock. 91% of users keep their phone on and nearby all day. Even when your customers are on the go, their mobile phones are there, too.

Second, it is a growing opportunity. There are 5 billion mobile phones in use worldwide that send and receive SMS text messages. (Only a fraction of these are smart phones using sophisticated apps.) The mobile web is predicted to surpass the desk top in a few short years. Even Google has a separate index with different criteria for searching on a mobile phone.

Third, SMS text messaging helps extend the reach of your overall marketing strategy for a surprisingly affordable price, but it does require a unique approach. What works in traditional media can’t just be adapted for mobile marketing, but mobile marketing can reach a wider world with your message and product offer.

Fourth, it is the wave of the future. Users now span almost all age groups and use is growing rapidly. The value of goods and services actually purchased through mobile phones is growing daily. See current information on mobile use.

Free Consultation on Mobile Marketing

You don’t have to be intimidated by all the choices this changing new technology offers. Mail Masters will walk you through he steps, if any part of this is new to you. Talk to Mail Masters to discover the value and effectiveness of this emerging marketing medium.

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QR Codes: What is a QR Code?

QR means quick response and that is exactly what a user gets – quick access to information. The codes can be used to help a customer find your location, offer a discount, speed check-in at the airport, provide technical instructions on a specific product model, or request a coupon.

How does a QR Code Work?

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that are recognized by a web-enabled mobile device with a camera.  The special type barcode provides a specific hyperlink. The mobile user installs an application that reads QR codes. It is possible to use the QR code to go to a specific hyperlink, save a vcard, or provide a return text message.

Why Use QR Codes?

Mobile marketing can help your prospect quickly take the next step in the sales process. Imagine having prospects watching a video on a mobile device after they scan your QR Code in your trade show booth. What if customers and prospects scanned the QR Code from a direct mail piece, email, printed flyer, door hanger, newsletter, leaflet or even a billboard.

QR codes are now appearing on signs, displays, exhibits, apparel, promotional items, and printed materials ranging from books, brochures and postcards to admission tickets and badges. The uses have gone beyond advertising to become helpful in education, product support, entertainment, way-finding and social activities.

How Do I Start Using QR Codes?

Mail Masters can help you decide which mobile marketing tools to use and how to use them. We will make it easy for you to include QR codes in your marketing and informational materials, and track the use.

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