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Don’t Talk to Me That Way

Lynndell Epp - Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Marketers and business owners who communicate the same marketing message and image to every type of prospect are making a critical mistake. If you're doing lead generation this way, you're likely turning off many would-be clients.

The marketing message that appeals to a small business owner may be much different from what works for a twenty-something consumer. Yet, many companies have clients in both categories among many others. To address this broad range of people, clients often tell me that they develop a one-size-fits-all message that won’t exclude anyone.

But, this actually excludes many prospects who don’t feel their specific needs are being addressed. The solution is to make your marketing speak to each segment in a unique way.

To do this, first list out and build a detailed portrait of each prospect type. To make sure you’re including everyone, look at your existing client types (and add any that you want to start prospecting).

For each group, ask such questions as: What are their biggest frustrations, concerns, needs and interests? Where can you reach these people on blogs, social media, at home, in their car, at their desk, etc.? Include items like Age, Job Title, Industry, Personal Information, Gender and anything else that helps you identify prospects’ situations and buying preferences.

With this information, you can develop an "ideal client profile." for each prospect type.

The Ideal Client Profile

Just for fun, let's make up a profile. Let's say you have an insurance agency. When looking through your customer list, you find your best customers are fathers with a corporate job, three cars and kids about ready to go to college. You also find single males in their twenties who have a few speeding tickets and rent an apartment.

Apply a name and a face to these people so you can start crafting a meaningful message to them. You might name them "Dan the Dad" and "Twenty-Something Jared."

Let me ask you some questions here:

  1. Would you send out the same marketing piece to these individuals and expect it to be equally effective for both?
  2. Would you water down your marketing to come across as relevant to both prospects?
  3. Do you think that different messages, images and offers would be more effective in gaining more leads from each group?

Hopefully, you see that these are rhetorical questions. Of course you would want to craft a message that speaks as directly as possible to each prospect!

Start developing your marketing message, offers, calls to action and tactical approaches to reach and convert your profiles. When you focus on your prospects and clients' needs, wants and concerns, your message will resonate with greater force.

Want to talk about it? Email or call me:, 303-607-9424.

Mail Masters Marketing - Sweet deals May 2013

Lynndell Epp - Monday, May 20, 2013


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5 Things You Should Do To Make Your Direct Mail Envelopes "Do Their Job"

Lynndell Epp - Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You may be asking, the job of the envelope is the carry the letter, isn't it? Well, yes it is, but it's not the number one thing that the envelope should do to do its job. 

What is the number one job of an envelope? Check out this quick Three Minute Marketing Video to get the skinny on the Top 5 Sins in Direct Mail Marketing:

Click to View the video

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Who Is This Denver Marketing Guy?

Lynndell Epp - Saturday, February 16, 2013

Who Is This Guy Showing Smart Small Business Owners The Easy, Fast, Simple, Secret and Lucrative Way To More Customers?

If you didn’t know that Lynndell Epp could help you grow your business through smarter marketing strategies, then you’ve been missing out.

Over the last 17 years, Mail Masters has become more than just a direct mail company or Denver printer; Lynndell has worked with hundreds of companies to implement his powerful, proven marketing strategies in many kinds of businesses to dramatically improve their advertising results.

Lynndell is the owner of Mail Masters in Denver, Colorado and his passion is in helping small business owners discover better and more effective ways to market their businesses and grow their income.

Lynndell accepts coaching clients who want to dramatically improve their Denver marketing results and income.

To hire Lynndell to advise or consult and help you increase your profits, please call the office and leave a voice mail at 303-607-9424 or just email him at


Bright Idea #03 - Double Your Sales

Lynndell Epp - Friday, February 08, 2013

ore you waste another dime on your advertising, Discover 19 Proven Strategies to Double Your Sales From Your Existing Customer Base by downloading my e-book:


Learn 20 Steps to Your Marketing Success in 2013

Lynndell Epp - Wednesday, December 12, 2012


20 Steps to Marketing Success 


It's time for you to take your marketing to the next level. It's time to stop doing "ad hoc" marketing activities that miss more than hit. If you're like most business people who struggle to get effective marketing in place and working consistently month after month, then this article is for you.

Just recently we have put a system outline in place that can help you visualize what your marketing needs to include in order to be successful. I'm going to go through a bunch of them here. If you want the rest, just send me an email to and I'll send the entire packet out to you.


The 20-Step Sales Funnel

Step 1: Create a powerful, unique marketing message (a compelling story) that separates you from your competition. This statement/offer needs to be a clear and concise reason to call you versus anyone else.

Step 2: Create your list of prospects. Starting with your existing database of past/current clients & S.O.I. - then branching out to three target audiences. We want to hit a total of 4 different sources with your offer/message/story.

Step 3: Create a 6-part video series that explains your story, marketing message, system, approach, methodology to solving the prospects main problems / challenges / misconceptions / mistakes when purchasing your product/service. Each video should be outlined/scripted, 1-2 minutes in length and cover 1 topic.

Step 4: Create a Recorded Interview CD with the same content as the 6-part video series. This audio should be 20-30 minutes in length.

Step 5: Create a "Free Report" by getting the CD transcribed. The length of this document should be 4-6 pages and can be used as a download / handout.

Step 6: Create a "Landing-Page" website that can offer the 6-part video series, CD & "Free Report" to interested prospects.

Step 7: Create a 1-page sales letter for the free information offer.

Step 8: Create a full-color brochure for the free information offer.

Step 9: Create 2 multi-use postcards for the free information offer.

Step 10: Create 4 emails for the free information offer.

If you want the rest of the list, just send me an email & I'll get it right out to you. 



Bright Ideas in Marketing

Lynndell Epp - Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ready, Get Set.............Market. Put together your 20 Step Sales Funnel and watch your business explode! If you think this is too ambitious or difficult for you to tackle on your own, then you need to employ some professional help. Mail Masters can help you develop and implement your 20 Step Sales Funnel. Call us or send us an email to get started. Don't waste another month or year trying to figure everything out yourself. Call us today. 303-607-9424

The most important words in Marketing are "Thank You"

Lynndell Epp - Thursday, November 15, 2012

Everyone gets busy and distracted during the holiday rush. Don't be one of those small businesses who forgets to be grateful for their most important asset: their customers. The opposite of thanking your customers is being rude and ignoring your most valuable business customers.

When done correctly, good marketing and business relationships create that holy grail of business, the "multiplier effect". Remember that old shampoo commercial on tv, probably the predecessor to social media, that boasted their happy customers "tell 2 friends, who tell 2 friends" and so on?

Make your holiday cards stand out and take them to the next level by rewarding your best customers. Include a free gift or service give away that you can afford that will incent your customers to reward you with their loyalty and also, "they'll tell 2 friends...". 

Mail Masters' affordable card packages allow you to the flexibility to have a custom design with enough left over to include something extra. 

Call us today at 303-607-9424 to get started, orders are due by December 6!

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Get the Marketing Help You Need!

Lynndell Epp - Sunday, September 02, 2012
Marketing Your Business Just Got Easier. 

The problem:

1. You have no marketing plan for your business.
2. If there is, the chance that it's getting implemented your vision is slim.
3. Most owners have a vision, some of you have a plan, even fewer have the ability or the time to get it implemented properly. 

Get involved with a marketing group of fellow business owners that will help you through all 3 challenges and get the tools to:

  • Develop the Vision or Refine your Vision
  • Develop a Plan or Strategy
  • Implement all the Elements of Your Strategy 
Get started today, email to get involved in the new Marketing Group in Denver that will shed some light on how to fix some of the marketing problems that you're having. 

In response to your email, we'll have a quick phone call to determine a good time to jump into our meeting group.

You will take away actionable items from your very first meeting and get you some results. 

The 4 Biggest Challenges of Being a Small Business Owner

Lynndell Epp - Saturday, September 01, 2012

As a small business owner, you face 4 big challenges all the time. You need to generate more leads and sales, you need new marketing methods and approaches and systems to do that. You need a marketing plan that’s absolutely positively consistent on a regular basis, and you need to automate everything.

If you want more business, you really need get a hold of our 19 Tested & Proven Marketing Systems, we’ve created a free report that explains everything. This Report Is For The 99% Of Small Business Owners Who Are Dissatisfied With The Results They Get From Their Current Advertising!