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The Contest Nobody Entered

Lynndell Epp - Monday, February 06, 2012

Watch the video to see if you are one of the lucky winners to the Contest That Nobody Entered. You read that correctly, nobody entered, but there are 3 winners!



P.S. If you won, please contact me to collect your prize! You can call me at 303-607-9424.

40 Percent Response Rate Case Study

Lynndell Epp - Thursday, February 02, 2012

Do you think a 40% response rate is out of reach for your marketing?

A recent marketing program developed for a local restaurant by Mail Masters is proving to be a great success.

Business has been a bit slow for a local Mexican restaurant. They turned to Mail Masters for help after various marketing programs had failed.

After analyzing the situation, Mail Masters decided to target the local business community. The closest residential homes to the restaurant location were around 1 mile away. Not very close for Denver Metro standards. Since the restaurant is situated in a predominantly business area, it made sense to target this audience.

The question was, how can we get local businesses to help spread the word about the great Mexican Fare and bring in more customers for lunch?

The Plan:

Direct mail was decided as the best method to reach local businesses in the area. We needed to use a one-to-many approach that would attract more than one visitor per business. This is a multiplier effect, and as you will see from the results, this is a powerful technique to use. Here’s what we came up with.

We developed a lunch bag mailer with a catchy “memo” and 20 “Tamale Bucks” enclosed in an actual lunch bag. The memo has a picture of 2 staff members and a message that asks the office manager to pass the Tamale Buck Coupons around or put them in a place where employees can see them.

The results:

The results have been amazing up to this point. After mailing only 500 lunch bags, over 200 coupons have come in and more are coming in daily. That adds up to a 40% response rate.

What’s Next:

The restaurant plans on sending out this promotion to additional businesses in the area that haven’t been contacted yet. This is one aspect of their ongoing marketing campaign designed to grow their customer base.

Additional testing and a social media component can be added to this campaign to produce even greater results.

What Does This Have to Do With You:

If you don’t have a plan or a successful marketing plan that is helping you meet your sales goals, then you need to fill out our marketing survey to request your free marketing analysis. A customized plan that includes any number of marketing tactics can be explored for your particular goals. The new year is here and now is the time to get your business marketing working for you!

A New Year - A New Marketing Plan

Lynndell Epp - Friday, January 27, 2012

The beginning of the year is the time we all traditionally start to think about changing. Whether it’s making personal resolutions or looking forward to a New Year of opportunity, we are all ready to shake off the dust and toils of the previous year and look forward to new opportunities in the year ahead.

Are you looking for opportunities with your business marketing in 2012? 

Don’t fall back on “All that social media online marketing stuff is just too confusing,” or “Oh, it’s a rough economy; we’ll just ride it out another year with our current marketing.” If you’ve found it’s been increasingly difficult to stay the course and meet sales goals, then your business’ marketing success relies on your ability to steer clear of the distractions and focus your marketing on the things that provide the greatest results.

 All change starts at the same point – putting together an actionable and measureable plan.  This doesn’t mean locking the sales team away for a week and writing a 75 page epic manifesto. In fact, it can be simple. Take an inventory on what marketing you have been doing successfully and unsuccessfully; listing out ideas for where you want to reach the most new prospects – online or offline, then building a roadmap of action toward the marketing channels you want to be in.   

  1. A marketing plan focuses on what you need to do now to ensure you’ll have business down the road.
  2. Marketing planning allows you to design a strategy that matches your teams’ skill sets and abilities to take on new marketing technologies.
  3. It should be a tool to align your marketing goals with your sales teams’ goals.
  4. In today’s exploding cyber marketing space, a written plan of action will help your firm focus time and resources on opportunities that offer the greatest chance for success.
  5. As you’re bombarded with new marketing ideas and opportunities, a plan will help you stay focused. Reviewing and revisiting your written marketing plan’s goals and ideas ensures your marketing team doesn’t stray too far off course as new innovations are released.
  6. A properly written plan will help you measure and recognize the results of your efforts over the year. Online social networking is sexy and hot, but sometimes old fashioned offline networking can net some serious new prospects. 

Plan Your Year and Work Your Plan

New Year Plans should be nothing more than a starting point. You must develop a habit or ritual of revisiting your marketing plan.  This is where a marketing calendar becomes a valuable tool. It will remind you of upcoming campaigns, tie your marketing to the seasonality of your product/service and capitalize on annual holidays and events.

Solutions to Fit Your Plan

 More than likely, you are in the business of running your business and don’t necessarily have that MBA marketing director on staff to put together a formal marketing strategy, a competitive analysis, or a channel blend with ROI measurement analytics. And that’s what we’re here for. Mail Masters is not only experienced in direct mail and print campaigns, but we’ve developed the expertise in product fulfillment, website development that includes online storefronts, full online marketing strategies from website design to email  marketing, search engine optimization, mobile & text marketing and personalized URL campaigns.  

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